Psilocybe cubensis (various strains) 10ml spore syringe

Psilocybe cubensis (various strains) 10ml spore syringe


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Psilocybe cubensis, which includes all of these mushrooms, is a species. Because of its widespread distribution and simplicity of cultivation, it is the most well-known psilocybin mushroom. The best substrate for these spores to grow on is compost, grain, pasteurized dung, and straw. 10 ml are contained in each syringe. You will also require a growth medium and a growth bag to keep the mushrooms sterile.


Amazon – The caps of this large, fleshy, nipple-shaped mushroom from the Amazonian rain forest are golden brown. Very dense fruits are produced by Psilocybe cubensis Amazon. It colonizes quickly and exhibits rizomorphic mycelium growth that is above average. One of the strains for beginning cultivators is this one.

One of the better Mexican strains is called Mazatapec, and it’s simple to grow. The mushrooms are average in size and have an unusually shaped cap. The caps of this strain remain partially closed, which is a distinguishing feature.

The Golden Teacher strain is known for its propensity to grow enormous mushrooms with stunning golden caps.

Large flushes of bulky mushroom fruits are produced by Psilocybe cubensis in Hawaii. With a diameter that varies from 25 to 75 mm and a coloration that ranges from reddish cinnamon to golden brown, caps. This strain exhibits aggressive growth across a wide range of substrates and temperatures.

Ecuador – This strain was found in a mushroom that was found in the Ecuadorian mountains. Being relatively simple to work with and producing predictable yields, it is a good strain for beginning growers.

Dutch King (Mexican): Although this strain originated in Mexico, it has been grown for so long in the Netherlands that the native variety has developed a distinct reputation. Massive yields are produced by the mycelium in a wide range of situations.

For beginner mushroom growers, the Cambodian strain is especially suggested. More quickly than any other strain, it generates mycelium. The mushrooms appear in huge flushes, and it grows very well on a variety of substrates.

B-B has the ability to grow enormous mushrooms that can easily grow to a height of 30 cm or more. That B is among the most widely used strains of marijuana is understandable. Very suitable for growing indoors.


Mazatapec ( $26.50), B+( $24.93), Golden Teacher ($24.50), Hawaii ($22.50), Equadorian ( $26.50), Dutch King ( Mexican ) ($23.86), Cambodia ( 23.65), Amazonian ($20.59)

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